Young human cavalier


(Toler to most, To’re in moments of imporance)
Tolre has high strength and good charisma and decent constitution.

He is 17, and sometimes naive as such. Once in a while you can see his aristocratic, privileged upbringing, but usually he has forsaken wealth to sacrifice of himself for others.

He looks pretty normal and plain, though he does exude confidence and inspires others. Sometimes when his conviction is strong enough and he is in a position of leadership his face looses its boyishness and becomes weathered, voice gets deeper and even more confident and speaks with experience.


He grew up in an Aristocratic family. He spent most of his teenage years in a nearby dwarf city underground learning the blacksmith trade. The master smith was friends with his parents and he learned how to forge blades, arms, shields, et cetra, but also farming, mining tools, wheels, and mundane equipment, as well as sculpture and art. Near the end of his apprenticeship he returned home and his life took a very different path. He became devoted to Pelor and the domain of life and light. He was ordained early (maybe because of family connections (?)) and trained to use a steed. He now rides with the Angels under Pelor’s care with plate mail and his mount protecting both his companions and possibly the entire region.


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