The Angels

Overlook Has Fallen

The Angels returned to Overlook only to find it was being invaded by the armies of Sarshan. They were betrayed by a Dwarf city councilmember and faced Sarshan and his dragon in battle. They ultimately won, but the armies had overtaken the city. Its inhabitants fled to the relative safety of the underground Dwarf city. It should be able to hold up to siege for many months.

November 30

We finished our rest and removed our blockade, but before we could open the door, blood started to ooze out of the cracks, then started to seep up from the flagstones, then drip from the ceiling. Suddenly the door bursts and a torrent of blood pours into the room, quickly raising the blood to knee level. Daye did a quick detect magic and reckoned the path forward was beneath the blood. Ronyo and Tolre dove under the blood and didn’t resurface, Daye and Acacia followed.

The party felt a sinking feeling but opened eyes to find themselves dry and standing in a throne room, a meat and bone demon standing by the throne. He said he was watching us travel the castle, and knew our fears, he knew what we sought, but we would not get his heart without killing him, which he wouldn’t let us do. We had some doubts and concerns about this. We weren’t told the gem was a heart of a living being, demon or otherwise. In the end we resolved to kill it- we did have a task.

As soon as Daye approached and cursed the man, he summoned his allies to the fight to ensure he didn’t lose his hearth. The was a large bird demon whose body coursed with electricity. There was four man sized constrictor demons that had two mouths to bite with and a bone axe, and a Lieutenant demon named Javoc.

Acacia immediately grew thorny vines to imprison the Bone demon on his throne while we dealt with his soldiers. Javoc had a mist of blood around him that burned and hurt those near him whenever he took damage. The party was more concerned finding that their radiant attacks were almost fully ineffective against these demons.

Daye dominated the demon bird, as the party attacked it, just long enough to kill it quickly. However in that time the constrictors surrounded Accacia killing her very quickly. The party found these four demons were the real threat of this battle, killing us faster than we could heal ourselves or drop their numbers. Tolre rushed to Accacia drawing the demons attacks and restoring her partly with a prayer. The demons kept biting and all of us were half dead dying quickly. Javoc kept chasing Daye, who kept trying to escape – using her Teleportation and cloud of darkness, even summoning her Wood Woad.

Daye fell to his attacks eventually and several seconds passed as she slipped closer to death. The enemies were all around us, not letting us help Daye or reposition ourselves. Acacia made a small cloud of darkness, which is what Tolre needed to slip away to Daye side and stabilize her before she died for good. Tolre and Ronyo and Acacia stayed half dead despite trying to heal themselves. One by one the constrictors slowly fell, then the Bone Demon himself fell when he escaped the wall of thorns and engaged with us.

The last two enemies bloodied, Acacia reached into the demons chest and tore out the heart gem. Holding it aloft she commanded the last constrictor and Javoc to surrender as their lord was slain. Seeing her wisdom they laid down their weapons and surrendered. It was a long rest to heal ourselves and restore Daye to life again. We knew we needed to confront Lord Decaden soon, and give him the tasks reward. It wasnt a trivial gem like he told us it was, it was a gem of power, especially useful to vampires. We still couldnt do much besides give it to him. Unless we wanted to stay here forever and have Daye dead.

We left the castle with no problem, traveled to Decaden’s Manor, and entered his throne room. We decided to let Acacia be our spokesman. We didn’t really have a good bartering position, so Daye gave the gem to her blink dog that returned to the fey realm, and couldn’t be re-summoned if Daye died. Decaden asked us for our wish or boon and we asked “to return to Overlook in the same condition we left.” Decaden walked us to the dungeon where a portal would open for us. All of us (Amabel, Ashe, and Navaria too) left through the portal. Daye was left, who gave up the gem, and passed through the portal. Daye removed the scarf holding her head on and found no blood, scar or wound, she was herself again.

It was day time in Overlook, we heard the crowd, saw a blue sky, being in some alley. We were home again, or at least it felt like home compared to the shadowfell.

Nov 23
Castle Nowhere

The double doors from the courtyard led to a huge feast. It looked amazing, smelt amazing. There were lord and ladies dinning and making merry. All of us were tempted by the food, but as we watched it started to seem suspicious that the attendees couldn’t stop eating, as if compelled to never stop. They stomachs increased in size until they were hanging on the floor, then ruptured, the digested food and gastric juices pooling on the floor and on the table.
A group of animated vomit monsters attacked us, as well as a drow drider that claimed to be Daye’s Mother. Apparently not on very good terms Daye immediately tried to kill the creature as it asked for compassion and to re-connect. Hey party backed her up and killed the drow woman, and ended all of the vomit monsters.
At this point Tolre was hearing a voice that ended up coming from the Dwarven religious book “Incunabulum Primeval.” It shouldn’t have been openable, but was, and was giving cryptic messages that Tolre couldn’t understand.
The double doors from this room let into a kitchen, that seemed to go on forever, it looped back on itself. Until that is, a few demon materialized and attacked the party. These demons were tough and took all the parties strength to defeat. This left the party very exhausted and so we agreed to extended rest believing the gem to be close by.

November 9
Celebrating new Patronage

Daye was missing, we had no idea where to go.
Acacia suggested we go Lord Tranton. Ultimately he couldn’t help us, but he fetched his dog and said possibly the dog could help us track her. Daye kept most everything to herself, but we found some of her old armor in our bag of holding (good thing we didn’t sell that), the zombie dog sniffed around and started shuffling down the streets. With only hope- we just followed the dog.
The dog lead us to the Cathedral of Orcus (the one with skindows). We thought it unlikely that Daye would return here, but we went inside (it was thankfully empty) and the scent trail lead us to the back room with the ritualistic blood cauldron. We found the cauldron could be pulled aside revealing a tight spiral passage way downward. Cautiously we close the path behind us and travel down. The path was linear going to a dead-end that flared into a blue portal as we got close. Nobody liked our situation, we decided to go forward, hoping not to our deaths. The portal closed behind us, obviously one-way only.

Down the only way forward we had we found Daye chained in a cell with anti-teleportation circles in the room. We quickly freed her but couldn’t spend too much time talking as none of us had an idea where we were. Daye said something about a Troll, but there was no sign of one of them anywhere. The other end of the hallway had a staircase ascending to a rich, opulent, luxurious halls and rooms, very contrasting to the dungeon below us. Looking for an exit we grew anxious the more we didn’t find one. Nor did we find anyone living, unliving or dead.

The hallway lead to a remarkable throne room introduced with velvet curtains. A solitary young man sitting as if on a coach waited our approach. Wanting nothing more than an exit, I addressed the man, and asked who we stood before. The man introduced himself as Lord Cantis Decaden. He moved with grace and power, appearing young but with ancient eyes. Everything about him signaled caution and danger, and immense power.

We found he had arranged Daye’s disappearance to summon us to him and he had a task for us. A task forced upon us with no other option than to be his meal. A gem of his was stolen, it had some power, but was more valuable to him as a trinket. He knows it was taken to Castle Nowhere (the disappearing one), and he will no send his undead servants to fetch it. As we are mortals he has asked us.

If we succeeded he would grant our party a single boon. (A way back to Overlook??).

Daye entered hooded to not make it obvious we had stolen her back and stood before him. She started to say something and removed her hood. Immediately before she could finish a few words he held up a finger silencing her and the robes she was wearing wrapped around her cocooning her in the disguise. A empty suit of armor entered the hall and further pinned Daye. Decaden spoke of negative reinforcements and holding us to our task. The armor drew its sword and decapitated Daye, let her fall and then picked up her head. None of us really knew what to do in shock that we just saw that happen. Decaden retrieved the head, set it atop her body, removed a handkerchief from his person and wrapped it around her neck, spoke a few words and Daye opened her eyes and started breathing again.

“You belong to me, and it is because of me you are alive” He warned her, and us. “Do not deviate from my errand, If I hear whispers that you are not doing as I ask then she will die with no way to be restored.” “You didn’t have my allegiance before, but you now are all in my patronage.” We were all pretty freaked out and wanted to get going, half to get away from him, and half to get a fast start on this errand.

Castle Nowhere

It didn’t take long to get there, We didn’t really have anything to talk about after going through what just happened. We asked more locals about the castle, but didn’t find much new. We mostly walked in silence, Daye was different, agitated, not able to process everything.

The castle was open, nothing fancy to get inside. but Undead Horrors attacked us immediately upon entering the courtyard. There was animated skin shells, a huge snake made of organs netted together, several zombie creatures and an animated blood pudding. The Undead fell without too much danger. Ronyo used his radiance, Acacia her cold and fire, Tolre’s Tiger, Kerricks sword. Daye was a little dark before, but he powers seemed much more necrotic in this battle, avatars of death and the undead.

Oct 12
Doing Splits

Today started with our new Patron Tranton calling on us. His task was to investigate disappearing bodies out of the graveyard. These bodies were being stored as food for his Patron, Lady Cinter. We eagerly told him we’d get right on that!

Some of our party wanted to still find a way to get back to Overlook, investigate the portals and find clues to help us return. We though this investigation could be a nice cover and we could easily investigate both ends at once and help ourselves while we helped our Patron’s Patron.

Acacia with Ronyo went directly to the graveyard to look for evidence of grave-robbers. Meanwhile Tolre, Daye, and Karrick went to a house were bodies were prepared before taken to the graveyard, along with other places of possible clues. And so! the party split, each with their tasks with tenuous plans to meet up later with all the clues we could use, escape, kill the baddies, save the world and get rich.

The Graveyard Investigation
These two found some pretty obvious suspicious footprints in the graveyard, they all seems to be all come from to into one unmarked grave. When approaching they found a 8’ hole in the ground and a cool clammy air coming from below. They discovered there was actually an opening at the bottom making a tunnel descend. They were very hesitant to make a light, not knowing what was watching in the tunnel, but eventually lit something as they were stumbling underground in complete darkness. They came to a larger cavernous room with puddles forming on the ground and the tunnel continuing at the other end. Exercising caution Acacia had her plant minion scouting ahead and investigating anything suspicious. The puddles didn’t care for being investigated though, and when disturbed starting sliding across the room toward the intruders. Acacia and Ronyo had to deal with two black puddings on their own, their companions were on the other side of the city and had no way to aid them. The puddings were very hardy and didn’t lose their cohesion easily. Making the situation worse the pudding split off and the smaller part became animated if ever attacked with a melee cutting weapon. Being careful, the two used magic and kept their distance and managed to survive the fight. It wasn’t easy and the puddings were reduced to puddles. Not wanting to continue further down the tunnel, the two returned to the graveyard entrance and waited for their companions.

The City Investigation
First destination was a mausoleum. This place apparently handled all the bodies no matter who owned it, before it was placed in the graveyard. The three spend a few minutes inspecting the building, and eventually questioning the woman, who was clearly deranged. Dead end. great.
Next they went to the large castle to the north assuming that was the Lady’s Keep. On the way there they heard stories about the castle: it would phase in and out of existence, with no rhythm or regularity, it would take people and things that entered and never be seen again. When arriving at the castle, the three though it best not to enter or explore, especially after learning that this isn’t where the Lady, or her people, were housed. Another dead end.
This time they went to the fleshmarket, hoping to discover how Evernight acquired their “new meat.” They talked to the same man running a bazaar they met a few days earlier. He was one of the sources of the meat. They would kidnap people from Overlook, bring them here, then sell them as food to the residents. The party lied convincingly and told him they were hired to get a new body themselves for their new patron. Hesitantly the shop owner took them a few blocks away to a small house, but several stories tall. He warned them that this was privileged information and not to tell others. He took them upstairs and told Daye to reach under a bed and that she could reach a person. Reaching in Daye felt flesh and hair, it seemed to be a baby. Daye also realized now that she could pull the baby into Evernight, but could not travel herself to Overlook. Daye climbed back out from under the bed empty handed and told the man that there was no one there. He was quite certain that there is always a baby at this portal and proceeded to climb under the bed himself, when Tolre knocked him out. Still desperate for portal information, we lifted the bed, moved them around, all the portals were non-functioning now. At least the one they knew did work once. Before the man came-to Daye wanted to poke around the mans shop for a key to make or activate or use the portals. Kerrick and Tolre wanted to watch this building for a bit to see who else was using the building. They saw the shop owner leave a few minutes later, but no other activity and so returned to find Daye.
But she wasn’t there! No one has seen where she left or remembered seeing her. Without giving us notice or any other warning, we had to assume something nafarious was going on.

Splits Investigations
Not able to look for her themselves, Karrick and Tolre met up with Acacia and Ronyo and they filled each other in with their findings including the disappearance of Daye. Acacia was even more sure that she had gotten herself in trouble and we need to go look for her. Which we proceeded to do. We tried first the town prison (where we were almost thrown once). Dead-end. Well, where do we look now . . . ? crap.

July 27 - Aberrant


Daye returned to the large room as started investigating the portal again, as Kerrick descended the pit in the shack and Taxum investigated the pool of water.

Kerrick found curious metal bands stuck in the rock the whole way down the pit and continued on the floor below and descended into the water. He couldn’t tell exactly what they were. Questioning the water, Acacia probed the water with her plant companion and found it descended 15 feet down at the deepest, the metal bands going the whole way in pairs.

Daye tried to figure out how the portal was made and how to work it, but didnt find much except that its old and is powered by Moradin.

Taxum walked down into the pool of cold water on the east of the room., he found a tunnel, with a platinum, and not much else.

Everyone, curious about the metal bands, gathered over in the hut to look for mechanisms and anything hidden. They didn’t find much. Though Daye, while searching, placed both her hands within the elliptical bands and they both protruded from the wall and slammed shut on her hands at once. At the same time, the procession of elliptical bands started moving down the pit and into the water. That’s when Navaria used the Guardian Whistle and summoned Daye beside her, escaping her from hands stuck in the trap. Even with Daye absent, the stone kept moving slowly down the pit and further in the water. Taxum stood on the stone and moved along with the floor, near the end of the short tunnel the floor opened up, draining the water and dumping Taxum onto a refuse pile of metal and sculpture parts. This is when the party met,


5 Duergar and Cleric of Asmodeous surrounded a campfire, surprised by the construct’s hasty entrance to the room. Weapons were immediately drawn, each side wanting the other dead. The room was bordered with a 5 foot pit, with a continuous waterfall down the far edge of the pit. The party seemed to split up each picking a target and wanting to bring him down. Shortly after the first blows were dealt everyone froze as leathery wings climbed out of the pit and entered the battle field. The cleric looked delighted, the Angels were equally curious and horrified by what these large fiends could be. They moved around the battlefield quickly dimming the light and grabbing people with tentacles and trying to envelope them inside its body.

The battle first turned when Navaria disappeared into a tornado, reappearing beside the Cleric and kicking him into the pit. The cleric saved himself at first, but lost his grip as Navaria tried again. The party heard the body bounce off the walls as he fell to his death.

Then again when the leather tentacle beasts turned invisible and pursued the party. However Acacia used a spiritual blossom to saturate the room letting her see the invisible creatures, which she helped the party attack and guard.

Slowly each Angel killed their respective targets and the battle was over soon after. There were many backflips, stabs, free attacks, arrows and bolts. The party must be learning something for no adventurer was bloodied this battle. The party still took a nice long rest after this battle from the three taxing encounters.


The party could feel something not right in the next room beyond the double door, but when they stealthily peeked inside, saw only more duergar. This time Daye used an illusion to grab the Duergar’s attention, 4 Quicklings fell from the ceiling and spread out to attack the dark dwarves. When the dwarves tried to fight back saw the quicklyings were only illusions, but it was too late, the party was inside and firing at the dwarves already. Again, each Angel spread out attacking different targets. They found that some duergar swell to a large size once blooded. The battle was going well, and was going to be over soon, when a giant eyeball rounded a corner and gazed (gaysed) the room. No one in the party had ever seen a beholder before, but everyone had heard about them. The party was very cautious and used they more powerful attacks quickly. Daye blinded it for a round, then dominated it for two rounds. Acacia trapped it within her wall of thorns. Then Daye’s Wood Wowd(sp) charmed the beast, with only further help for the party for where to aim and how to hit it. The beholder wanting to take a life and being denied made it furious and enraged. It turned invisible and apparently teleported as it wasn’t trapped in the thorns any longer. The party knew the beholder was almost dead, but now not knowing where it was made the party again overly cautious, and they fought against the duergar again. Reappearing the Beholder shot three adventurers with eye blasts, deafening one, blinding another, and draining another with necrotic energy. Returning fire the beholder fell and screamed as it died.

In an adjacent room the party found an Azer Dwarf, hung in chains and obviously tortured. Carefully the party rescued and clothed him, treated his wounds, but when they tried to talk, he only spoke madness. After some time and making him comfortable, the fire re-lit in his eyes and he told us some of the events that preceded our arrival here. The book- Incunabulum Primeval – was much more important than we thought and could only be opened by the True Priest of Moradin, from whom it was stolen. Also this Azer transferred some of his temple powers onto some of the invaders giving them access to work the portals in the temple.

The Azer asked for assistance in a ritual to re-consecrate the temple to Moradin which they aided. Confident that the temple was safe from outside influences and their task completed started to wander the temple back to the entrance to Overlook to find the True Priest and give him his book back.

The four portals in the first room were all working, or maybe malfunctioning. Water poured in one door, lava came through another, one door was Overlook, and another a Swamp. Taxum decided to explore the water portal a little bit, but not able to wait for his return with lava spreading across the floor the party headed to Overlook.


When the party returned to Overlook and came to the temple, it was empty and dark. Strange, there should be acolytes here, even at night. They scoured the grounds and didn’t find anyone, just dust. Outside there were no pedestrians, the shops were empty beside fixtures and furniture. There was no sun, moon, or starts. Climbing a tower they looked across Overlook. Everything, was a ghost town, no humans, animals, or plants anywhere.

July 20

The party took a thrashing last battle and exhausted all of their resources. Still stuck in this prison of Moradin’s making and all the hostile foes behind them dead. They decided to return to the room beneath the spiral staircase to rest. They knew they had explored ever inch of this prison so far except for one room and beyond- it was the only hope of escape, they had to find some means of escape there or forever be trapped here with limited food and water.

Last battle when the trolls broke down the huge doors and started fighting both the quicklings and the Angels, they could see beyond briefly. The two factions were still fighting, but it looked like the Trolls were winning, unless the Angels were involved. Before the party decided to rest they could see many cyclopses, Trolls, a spitting troll, a banshrae and others beyond. The cyclopses returned in dreams as the party slept before confronting the next room.

At full strength the party took the short walk to the huge altar room but before they approached the door, they heard a voice. It yelled for Navaria, in a deep booming voice, accompanied by heavy running footsteps. The stomping echoed down the hallway almost louder than the voice. Coming through the doorway into the light the party saw a construct of stone and bits of metal bound toward the party, who quickly drew weapons and aimed at the rock… thing. Disregarding the weapons and the party at large it addressed Navaria. Saying he was sent by Lord Adrian to accompany and watch over her. There wasn’t much time for questions but it responded saying “I am at your command.” Not knowing if the party could trust this thing, and without knowing its name, told it to kill the nearest cyclops in the room. He drew weapons and advanced into the room followed by the party.

The enemies in this battle were almost above the skill of the Angels but they were able to persevere. With great attacks the Cyclopses fell by Kerrick’s blade. Leaving their huge bodies obsctructing the floor. Before all could be slain, one beast hammered at a stone pillar, making the ceiling unstable and causing large chunks of the ceiling to fall loose and rain down on the party.

At the far end of the room stood a tall beauty. She walked seductively and taunted the Angels. Kerrick and Acacia tried to negotiate a truce not wanting to harm her, but she dismissed diplomacy confident that she could crush the invaders. Not wanting to be trumped by he beauty and sexiness, Acacia and Daye focused on bringing down Hethralga.

While the magic flew across the room causing explotions and pools of acid the melee fighters stood ground. The party discovered that the dwarf creatures here had vicious attacks that could kill a man quickly. The unknown construct and Kerric stood against the dwarves trying to survive. Karric fell unconsious for a time, and Navaria had to fall back for safety and the battle had a poor outlook with most of the party very bloody and close to death.

Eventually Daye and Acacia overcame Hethralga, who turned into an old hag the more damage she took. Acacia kept spewing acid at her body and entrapping her with vines and thorns. Eventually she was broken apart by the plants and consumed bodily, leaving over a few possessions. After she fell the tide changed and Kerric got back to his feet and killed two dwarves quickly. With only a few dwarves and the banshae left the party found inner reserves and dispatched the rest.

The ceiling continued to fall and the party retreaded to the safety of the huge altar room. Making quick dashes the party combed the bodies and brought back what they could find. From the body of the temptress they found a large tome. It was bound in metal and locked shut, it was a curious book, but that mystery would have to wait. They also found and identified gloves to enhance healing, a ritual to consult mystic sages and 950 gold coins. With time to talk, the party found the construct was called Taxum (he calls himself Daxum), and is a Warforged warlord, and is at the command of the party.

After a good rest the party returned to find the ceiling was now stable, but the floor was entirely covered by rubble making it hard to move around in. There were three doors, each was investigated. Behind one Acacia heard Troll voices. One leaked water, and one was silent. Behind the silent door there was a small room with a flagstone that looked suspicious. After making extra sure it was not trapped the adventures lifted it to find a soiled and rotting sack. Hesitant, Kerrick looked inside to discover 1500 gold!
The water door looked very suspicious, and the door was left shut, not wanting to drown.

Kerrick, Accacia, Ronyo, Daye, and Taxum prepared for battle with the Trolls that for sure laid beyond the last door.
Many enemies the party had encountered before, but there was a curious statue that never moved except for open eyes, and some dragonborn foes. From a high dias across the room there was a pulsing pink light. Whenever the party killed a human fighter the statue would summon a pillar of white fire to burn the slayer. If the party tried to harm the statue it would fire bolts of energy from its eyes that made the party think twice about the wisdom of that. Agreeing to leave the statue alone, the party focused on and killed the two huge trolls, a dragonborn and a spitting troll. The party was extremely careful to use fire and acid to bring down the trolls when its life was low.

The party was so focused at the immediate danger that a dragonborn disappeared into the pink light above after observing the party for several minutes. Only for an instant the party saw another figure, it looked very menacing, but left quickly into the pink light when the party entered the room.

After the battle was won and wounds were healed Acacia climbed to the dais to investigate the light. She discovered it was a portal, leading to an ocean of starlight. She saw iridescent water, and constellations below the surface and majestic mountains on an island in the distance. Feeling this was the realm of the gods and the source of magic power she was drawn to enter the portal only to the repelled the the magic that kept this place a prison. Not finding much else in this room, the party approached a wooden, shoddy shack in the corner of a room. Inside was a pit that descended 30 feet with a crude ladder attacked the slick walls. Still unsure of the Troll’s plot, or how to escape this place, the party considers what is beneath the pit.


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