The Angels

Oct 12

Doing Splits

Today started with our new Patron Tranton calling on us. His task was to investigate disappearing bodies out of the graveyard. These bodies were being stored as food for his Patron, Lady Cinter. We eagerly told him we’d get right on that!

Some of our party wanted to still find a way to get back to Overlook, investigate the portals and find clues to help us return. We though this investigation could be a nice cover and we could easily investigate both ends at once and help ourselves while we helped our Patron’s Patron.

Acacia with Ronyo went directly to the graveyard to look for evidence of grave-robbers. Meanwhile Tolre, Daye, and Karrick went to a house were bodies were prepared before taken to the graveyard, along with other places of possible clues. And so! the party split, each with their tasks with tenuous plans to meet up later with all the clues we could use, escape, kill the baddies, save the world and get rich.

The Graveyard Investigation
These two found some pretty obvious suspicious footprints in the graveyard, they all seems to be all come from to into one unmarked grave. When approaching they found a 8’ hole in the ground and a cool clammy air coming from below. They discovered there was actually an opening at the bottom making a tunnel descend. They were very hesitant to make a light, not knowing what was watching in the tunnel, but eventually lit something as they were stumbling underground in complete darkness. They came to a larger cavernous room with puddles forming on the ground and the tunnel continuing at the other end. Exercising caution Acacia had her plant minion scouting ahead and investigating anything suspicious. The puddles didn’t care for being investigated though, and when disturbed starting sliding across the room toward the intruders. Acacia and Ronyo had to deal with two black puddings on their own, their companions were on the other side of the city and had no way to aid them. The puddings were very hardy and didn’t lose their cohesion easily. Making the situation worse the pudding split off and the smaller part became animated if ever attacked with a melee cutting weapon. Being careful, the two used magic and kept their distance and managed to survive the fight. It wasn’t easy and the puddings were reduced to puddles. Not wanting to continue further down the tunnel, the two returned to the graveyard entrance and waited for their companions.

The City Investigation
First destination was a mausoleum. This place apparently handled all the bodies no matter who owned it, before it was placed in the graveyard. The three spend a few minutes inspecting the building, and eventually questioning the woman, who was clearly deranged. Dead end. great.
Next they went to the large castle to the north assuming that was the Lady’s Keep. On the way there they heard stories about the castle: it would phase in and out of existence, with no rhythm or regularity, it would take people and things that entered and never be seen again. When arriving at the castle, the three though it best not to enter or explore, especially after learning that this isn’t where the Lady, or her people, were housed. Another dead end.
This time they went to the fleshmarket, hoping to discover how Evernight acquired their “new meat.” They talked to the same man running a bazaar they met a few days earlier. He was one of the sources of the meat. They would kidnap people from Overlook, bring them here, then sell them as food to the residents. The party lied convincingly and told him they were hired to get a new body themselves for their new patron. Hesitantly the shop owner took them a few blocks away to a small house, but several stories tall. He warned them that this was privileged information and not to tell others. He took them upstairs and told Daye to reach under a bed and that she could reach a person. Reaching in Daye felt flesh and hair, it seemed to be a baby. Daye also realized now that she could pull the baby into Evernight, but could not travel herself to Overlook. Daye climbed back out from under the bed empty handed and told the man that there was no one there. He was quite certain that there is always a baby at this portal and proceeded to climb under the bed himself, when Tolre knocked him out. Still desperate for portal information, we lifted the bed, moved them around, all the portals were non-functioning now. At least the one they knew did work once. Before the man came-to Daye wanted to poke around the mans shop for a key to make or activate or use the portals. Kerrick and Tolre wanted to watch this building for a bit to see who else was using the building. They saw the shop owner leave a few minutes later, but no other activity and so returned to find Daye.
But she wasn’t there! No one has seen where she left or remembered seeing her. Without giving us notice or any other warning, we had to assume something nafarious was going on.

Splits Investigations
Not able to look for her themselves, Karrick and Tolre met up with Acacia and Ronyo and they filled each other in with their findings including the disappearance of Daye. Acacia was even more sure that she had gotten herself in trouble and we need to go look for her. Which we proceeded to do. We tried first the town prison (where we were almost thrown once). Dead-end. Well, where do we look now . . . ? crap.


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