The Angels

November 9

Celebrating new Patronage

Daye was missing, we had no idea where to go.
Acacia suggested we go Lord Tranton. Ultimately he couldn’t help us, but he fetched his dog and said possibly the dog could help us track her. Daye kept most everything to herself, but we found some of her old armor in our bag of holding (good thing we didn’t sell that), the zombie dog sniffed around and started shuffling down the streets. With only hope- we just followed the dog.
The dog lead us to the Cathedral of Orcus (the one with skindows). We thought it unlikely that Daye would return here, but we went inside (it was thankfully empty) and the scent trail lead us to the back room with the ritualistic blood cauldron. We found the cauldron could be pulled aside revealing a tight spiral passage way downward. Cautiously we close the path behind us and travel down. The path was linear going to a dead-end that flared into a blue portal as we got close. Nobody liked our situation, we decided to go forward, hoping not to our deaths. The portal closed behind us, obviously one-way only.

Down the only way forward we had we found Daye chained in a cell with anti-teleportation circles in the room. We quickly freed her but couldn’t spend too much time talking as none of us had an idea where we were. Daye said something about a Troll, but there was no sign of one of them anywhere. The other end of the hallway had a staircase ascending to a rich, opulent, luxurious halls and rooms, very contrasting to the dungeon below us. Looking for an exit we grew anxious the more we didn’t find one. Nor did we find anyone living, unliving or dead.

The hallway lead to a remarkable throne room introduced with velvet curtains. A solitary young man sitting as if on a coach waited our approach. Wanting nothing more than an exit, I addressed the man, and asked who we stood before. The man introduced himself as Lord Cantis Decaden. He moved with grace and power, appearing young but with ancient eyes. Everything about him signaled caution and danger, and immense power.

We found he had arranged Daye’s disappearance to summon us to him and he had a task for us. A task forced upon us with no other option than to be his meal. A gem of his was stolen, it had some power, but was more valuable to him as a trinket. He knows it was taken to Castle Nowhere (the disappearing one), and he will no send his undead servants to fetch it. As we are mortals he has asked us.

If we succeeded he would grant our party a single boon. (A way back to Overlook??).

Daye entered hooded to not make it obvious we had stolen her back and stood before him. She started to say something and removed her hood. Immediately before she could finish a few words he held up a finger silencing her and the robes she was wearing wrapped around her cocooning her in the disguise. A empty suit of armor entered the hall and further pinned Daye. Decaden spoke of negative reinforcements and holding us to our task. The armor drew its sword and decapitated Daye, let her fall and then picked up her head. None of us really knew what to do in shock that we just saw that happen. Decaden retrieved the head, set it atop her body, removed a handkerchief from his person and wrapped it around her neck, spoke a few words and Daye opened her eyes and started breathing again.

“You belong to me, and it is because of me you are alive” He warned her, and us. “Do not deviate from my errand, If I hear whispers that you are not doing as I ask then she will die with no way to be restored.” “You didn’t have my allegiance before, but you now are all in my patronage.” We were all pretty freaked out and wanted to get going, half to get away from him, and half to get a fast start on this errand.

Castle Nowhere

It didn’t take long to get there, We didn’t really have anything to talk about after going through what just happened. We asked more locals about the castle, but didn’t find much new. We mostly walked in silence, Daye was different, agitated, not able to process everything.

The castle was open, nothing fancy to get inside. but Undead Horrors attacked us immediately upon entering the courtyard. There was animated skin shells, a huge snake made of organs netted together, several zombie creatures and an animated blood pudding. The Undead fell without too much danger. Ronyo used his radiance, Acacia her cold and fire, Tolre’s Tiger, Kerricks sword. Daye was a little dark before, but he powers seemed much more necrotic in this battle, avatars of death and the undead.


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