The Angels

November 30


We finished our rest and removed our blockade, but before we could open the door, blood started to ooze out of the cracks, then started to seep up from the flagstones, then drip from the ceiling. Suddenly the door bursts and a torrent of blood pours into the room, quickly raising the blood to knee level. Daye did a quick detect magic and reckoned the path forward was beneath the blood. Ronyo and Tolre dove under the blood and didn’t resurface, Daye and Acacia followed.

The party felt a sinking feeling but opened eyes to find themselves dry and standing in a throne room, a meat and bone demon standing by the throne. He said he was watching us travel the castle, and knew our fears, he knew what we sought, but we would not get his heart without killing him, which he wouldn’t let us do. We had some doubts and concerns about this. We weren’t told the gem was a heart of a living being, demon or otherwise. In the end we resolved to kill it- we did have a task.

As soon as Daye approached and cursed the man, he summoned his allies to the fight to ensure he didn’t lose his hearth. The was a large bird demon whose body coursed with electricity. There was four man sized constrictor demons that had two mouths to bite with and a bone axe, and a Lieutenant demon named Javoc.

Acacia immediately grew thorny vines to imprison the Bone demon on his throne while we dealt with his soldiers. Javoc had a mist of blood around him that burned and hurt those near him whenever he took damage. The party was more concerned finding that their radiant attacks were almost fully ineffective against these demons.

Daye dominated the demon bird, as the party attacked it, just long enough to kill it quickly. However in that time the constrictors surrounded Accacia killing her very quickly. The party found these four demons were the real threat of this battle, killing us faster than we could heal ourselves or drop their numbers. Tolre rushed to Accacia drawing the demons attacks and restoring her partly with a prayer. The demons kept biting and all of us were half dead dying quickly. Javoc kept chasing Daye, who kept trying to escape – using her Teleportation and cloud of darkness, even summoning her Wood Woad.

Daye fell to his attacks eventually and several seconds passed as she slipped closer to death. The enemies were all around us, not letting us help Daye or reposition ourselves. Acacia made a small cloud of darkness, which is what Tolre needed to slip away to Daye side and stabilize her before she died for good. Tolre and Ronyo and Acacia stayed half dead despite trying to heal themselves. One by one the constrictors slowly fell, then the Bone Demon himself fell when he escaped the wall of thorns and engaged with us.

The last two enemies bloodied, Acacia reached into the demons chest and tore out the heart gem. Holding it aloft she commanded the last constrictor and Javoc to surrender as their lord was slain. Seeing her wisdom they laid down their weapons and surrendered. It was a long rest to heal ourselves and restore Daye to life again. We knew we needed to confront Lord Decaden soon, and give him the tasks reward. It wasnt a trivial gem like he told us it was, it was a gem of power, especially useful to vampires. We still couldnt do much besides give it to him. Unless we wanted to stay here forever and have Daye dead.

We left the castle with no problem, traveled to Decaden’s Manor, and entered his throne room. We decided to let Acacia be our spokesman. We didn’t really have a good bartering position, so Daye gave the gem to her blink dog that returned to the fey realm, and couldn’t be re-summoned if Daye died. Decaden asked us for our wish or boon and we asked “to return to Overlook in the same condition we left.” Decaden walked us to the dungeon where a portal would open for us. All of us (Amabel, Ashe, and Navaria too) left through the portal. Daye was left, who gave up the gem, and passed through the portal. Daye removed the scarf holding her head on and found no blood, scar or wound, she was herself again.

It was day time in Overlook, we heard the crowd, saw a blue sky, being in some alley. We were home again, or at least it felt like home compared to the shadowfell.


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