The Angels

Nov 23

Castle Nowhere

The double doors from the courtyard led to a huge feast. It looked amazing, smelt amazing. There were lord and ladies dinning and making merry. All of us were tempted by the food, but as we watched it started to seem suspicious that the attendees couldn’t stop eating, as if compelled to never stop. They stomachs increased in size until they were hanging on the floor, then ruptured, the digested food and gastric juices pooling on the floor and on the table.
A group of animated vomit monsters attacked us, as well as a drow drider that claimed to be Daye’s Mother. Apparently not on very good terms Daye immediately tried to kill the creature as it asked for compassion and to re-connect. Hey party backed her up and killed the drow woman, and ended all of the vomit monsters.
At this point Tolre was hearing a voice that ended up coming from the Dwarven religious book “Incunabulum Primeval.” It shouldn’t have been openable, but was, and was giving cryptic messages that Tolre couldn’t understand.
The double doors from this room let into a kitchen, that seemed to go on forever, it looped back on itself. Until that is, a few demon materialized and attacked the party. These demons were tough and took all the parties strength to defeat. This left the party very exhausted and so we agreed to extended rest believing the gem to be close by.


scottwick benjerman

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