The Angels

July 27 - Aberrant


Daye returned to the large room as started investigating the portal again, as Kerrick descended the pit in the shack and Taxum investigated the pool of water.

Kerrick found curious metal bands stuck in the rock the whole way down the pit and continued on the floor below and descended into the water. He couldn’t tell exactly what they were. Questioning the water, Acacia probed the water with her plant companion and found it descended 15 feet down at the deepest, the metal bands going the whole way in pairs.

Daye tried to figure out how the portal was made and how to work it, but didnt find much except that its old and is powered by Moradin.

Taxum walked down into the pool of cold water on the east of the room., he found a tunnel, with a platinum, and not much else.

Everyone, curious about the metal bands, gathered over in the hut to look for mechanisms and anything hidden. They didn’t find much. Though Daye, while searching, placed both her hands within the elliptical bands and they both protruded from the wall and slammed shut on her hands at once. At the same time, the procession of elliptical bands started moving down the pit and into the water. That’s when Navaria used the Guardian Whistle and summoned Daye beside her, escaping her from hands stuck in the trap. Even with Daye absent, the stone kept moving slowly down the pit and further in the water. Taxum stood on the stone and moved along with the floor, near the end of the short tunnel the floor opened up, draining the water and dumping Taxum onto a refuse pile of metal and sculpture parts. This is when the party met,


5 Duergar and Cleric of Asmodeous surrounded a campfire, surprised by the construct’s hasty entrance to the room. Weapons were immediately drawn, each side wanting the other dead. The room was bordered with a 5 foot pit, with a continuous waterfall down the far edge of the pit. The party seemed to split up each picking a target and wanting to bring him down. Shortly after the first blows were dealt everyone froze as leathery wings climbed out of the pit and entered the battle field. The cleric looked delighted, the Angels were equally curious and horrified by what these large fiends could be. They moved around the battlefield quickly dimming the light and grabbing people with tentacles and trying to envelope them inside its body.

The battle first turned when Navaria disappeared into a tornado, reappearing beside the Cleric and kicking him into the pit. The cleric saved himself at first, but lost his grip as Navaria tried again. The party heard the body bounce off the walls as he fell to his death.

Then again when the leather tentacle beasts turned invisible and pursued the party. However Acacia used a spiritual blossom to saturate the room letting her see the invisible creatures, which she helped the party attack and guard.

Slowly each Angel killed their respective targets and the battle was over soon after. There were many backflips, stabs, free attacks, arrows and bolts. The party must be learning something for no adventurer was bloodied this battle. The party still took a nice long rest after this battle from the three taxing encounters.


The party could feel something not right in the next room beyond the double door, but when they stealthily peeked inside, saw only more duergar. This time Daye used an illusion to grab the Duergar’s attention, 4 Quicklings fell from the ceiling and spread out to attack the dark dwarves. When the dwarves tried to fight back saw the quicklyings were only illusions, but it was too late, the party was inside and firing at the dwarves already. Again, each Angel spread out attacking different targets. They found that some duergar swell to a large size once blooded. The battle was going well, and was going to be over soon, when a giant eyeball rounded a corner and gazed (gaysed) the room. No one in the party had ever seen a beholder before, but everyone had heard about them. The party was very cautious and used they more powerful attacks quickly. Daye blinded it for a round, then dominated it for two rounds. Acacia trapped it within her wall of thorns. Then Daye’s Wood Wowd(sp) charmed the beast, with only further help for the party for where to aim and how to hit it. The beholder wanting to take a life and being denied made it furious and enraged. It turned invisible and apparently teleported as it wasn’t trapped in the thorns any longer. The party knew the beholder was almost dead, but now not knowing where it was made the party again overly cautious, and they fought against the duergar again. Reappearing the Beholder shot three adventurers with eye blasts, deafening one, blinding another, and draining another with necrotic energy. Returning fire the beholder fell and screamed as it died.

In an adjacent room the party found an Azer Dwarf, hung in chains and obviously tortured. Carefully the party rescued and clothed him, treated his wounds, but when they tried to talk, he only spoke madness. After some time and making him comfortable, the fire re-lit in his eyes and he told us some of the events that preceded our arrival here. The book- Incunabulum Primeval – was much more important than we thought and could only be opened by the True Priest of Moradin, from whom it was stolen. Also this Azer transferred some of his temple powers onto some of the invaders giving them access to work the portals in the temple.

The Azer asked for assistance in a ritual to re-consecrate the temple to Moradin which they aided. Confident that the temple was safe from outside influences and their task completed started to wander the temple back to the entrance to Overlook to find the True Priest and give him his book back.

The four portals in the first room were all working, or maybe malfunctioning. Water poured in one door, lava came through another, one door was Overlook, and another a Swamp. Taxum decided to explore the water portal a little bit, but not able to wait for his return with lava spreading across the floor the party headed to Overlook.


When the party returned to Overlook and came to the temple, it was empty and dark. Strange, there should be acolytes here, even at night. They scoured the grounds and didn’t find anyone, just dust. Outside there were no pedestrians, the shops were empty beside fixtures and furniture. There was no sun, moon, or starts. Climbing a tower they looked across Overlook. Everything, was a ghost town, no humans, animals, or plants anywhere.


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