The Angels

July 20

The party took a thrashing last battle and exhausted all of their resources. Still stuck in this prison of Moradin’s making and all the hostile foes behind them dead. They decided to return to the room beneath the spiral staircase to rest. They knew they had explored ever inch of this prison so far except for one room and beyond- it was the only hope of escape, they had to find some means of escape there or forever be trapped here with limited food and water.

Last battle when the trolls broke down the huge doors and started fighting both the quicklings and the Angels, they could see beyond briefly. The two factions were still fighting, but it looked like the Trolls were winning, unless the Angels were involved. Before the party decided to rest they could see many cyclopses, Trolls, a spitting troll, a banshrae and others beyond. The cyclopses returned in dreams as the party slept before confronting the next room.

At full strength the party took the short walk to the huge altar room but before they approached the door, they heard a voice. It yelled for Navaria, in a deep booming voice, accompanied by heavy running footsteps. The stomping echoed down the hallway almost louder than the voice. Coming through the doorway into the light the party saw a construct of stone and bits of metal bound toward the party, who quickly drew weapons and aimed at the rock… thing. Disregarding the weapons and the party at large it addressed Navaria. Saying he was sent by Lord Adrian to accompany and watch over her. There wasn’t much time for questions but it responded saying “I am at your command.” Not knowing if the party could trust this thing, and without knowing its name, told it to kill the nearest cyclops in the room. He drew weapons and advanced into the room followed by the party.

The enemies in this battle were almost above the skill of the Angels but they were able to persevere. With great attacks the Cyclopses fell by Kerrick’s blade. Leaving their huge bodies obsctructing the floor. Before all could be slain, one beast hammered at a stone pillar, making the ceiling unstable and causing large chunks of the ceiling to fall loose and rain down on the party.

At the far end of the room stood a tall beauty. She walked seductively and taunted the Angels. Kerrick and Acacia tried to negotiate a truce not wanting to harm her, but she dismissed diplomacy confident that she could crush the invaders. Not wanting to be trumped by he beauty and sexiness, Acacia and Daye focused on bringing down Hethralga.

While the magic flew across the room causing explotions and pools of acid the melee fighters stood ground. The party discovered that the dwarf creatures here had vicious attacks that could kill a man quickly. The unknown construct and Kerric stood against the dwarves trying to survive. Karric fell unconsious for a time, and Navaria had to fall back for safety and the battle had a poor outlook with most of the party very bloody and close to death.

Eventually Daye and Acacia overcame Hethralga, who turned into an old hag the more damage she took. Acacia kept spewing acid at her body and entrapping her with vines and thorns. Eventually she was broken apart by the plants and consumed bodily, leaving over a few possessions. After she fell the tide changed and Kerric got back to his feet and killed two dwarves quickly. With only a few dwarves and the banshae left the party found inner reserves and dispatched the rest.

The ceiling continued to fall and the party retreaded to the safety of the huge altar room. Making quick dashes the party combed the bodies and brought back what they could find. From the body of the temptress they found a large tome. It was bound in metal and locked shut, it was a curious book, but that mystery would have to wait. They also found and identified gloves to enhance healing, a ritual to consult mystic sages and 950 gold coins. With time to talk, the party found the construct was called Taxum (he calls himself Daxum), and is a Warforged warlord, and is at the command of the party.

After a good rest the party returned to find the ceiling was now stable, but the floor was entirely covered by rubble making it hard to move around in. There were three doors, each was investigated. Behind one Acacia heard Troll voices. One leaked water, and one was silent. Behind the silent door there was a small room with a flagstone that looked suspicious. After making extra sure it was not trapped the adventures lifted it to find a soiled and rotting sack. Hesitant, Kerrick looked inside to discover 1500 gold!
The water door looked very suspicious, and the door was left shut, not wanting to drown.

Kerrick, Accacia, Ronyo, Daye, and Taxum prepared for battle with the Trolls that for sure laid beyond the last door.
Many enemies the party had encountered before, but there was a curious statue that never moved except for open eyes, and some dragonborn foes. From a high dias across the room there was a pulsing pink light. Whenever the party killed a human fighter the statue would summon a pillar of white fire to burn the slayer. If the party tried to harm the statue it would fire bolts of energy from its eyes that made the party think twice about the wisdom of that. Agreeing to leave the statue alone, the party focused on and killed the two huge trolls, a dragonborn and a spitting troll. The party was extremely careful to use fire and acid to bring down the trolls when its life was low.

The party was so focused at the immediate danger that a dragonborn disappeared into the pink light above after observing the party for several minutes. Only for an instant the party saw another figure, it looked very menacing, but left quickly into the pink light when the party entered the room.

After the battle was won and wounds were healed Acacia climbed to the dais to investigate the light. She discovered it was a portal, leading to an ocean of starlight. She saw iridescent water, and constellations below the surface and majestic mountains on an island in the distance. Feeling this was the realm of the gods and the source of magic power she was drawn to enter the portal only to the repelled the the magic that kept this place a prison. Not finding much else in this room, the party approached a wooden, shoddy shack in the corner of a room. Inside was a pit that descended 30 feet with a crude ladder attacked the slick walls. Still unsure of the Troll’s plot, or how to escape this place, the party considers what is beneath the pit.


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