Levels 1-3 Angels Come Together

Meet in …
Travel to Overlook

Levels 4-6 Angels Divided

Rufus is Tricky
The Lost Folk
The Farstriders
The Invading Orcs and the Dwarf Mountain Temple
Acacia comes to light

Levels 7-10 Angels Questing

  • Lonely Beggar
  • the Shadowfell
  • Death and rebirth
  • Monk temple and Yenoguh – with a Talking Silver Sword
  • Trouble with Moradin’s Temple
    • Suspicious missing Moradin Priest
    • Temple Construction Investigations
    • The warehouse chase
    • Will the real priest please stand up?
    • Sacred temple and guardian metal latice
    • Welcome to Prison
    • Stuck between two factions
    • July 20

The Angels

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